At the Las Vegas Glass Craft and Bead Expo, I released my first eBook, "Fuse It Like It's Hot."  Fuse It Like It's Hot explains in detail the technique I have been perfecting for the last 3 years.  It is unlike any glass fusing technique I have seen or used previously.  Any project can be done with 6oz or less of color.  All types accessory glass (except irid and dichro) can be used.  It explains how to use color density and depth of color to produce fused glass drop vessels, drapes or backgrounds which are conceptually and visually similar to those produced by hot glass artists.  The eBook includes methodology, concepts, weights and measures, and schedules to help you succeed in making glass art that looks blown, without using substantial amounts of color.

I also wrote a document called "Drop It like It's Hot - Down The Aperture." It explains drop vessels, including aperture tips, technical info, weights and measures, and starter schedules for drop vessels. Together they are both $20.

You can purchase the Fuse It Like It's Hot Ebook HERE.