Learn the Fuse It Like It's Hot technique at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas, April 4-8.

Learn to think like a glass blower and make finished pieces that are similar to blown glass.  Imagine producing a vessel like the one below using very little color.  We will finish a drop vessel similar to the vessel in the first photo below in the 2 day class starting Friday. There are also two 4 hour classes on Wednesday and a seven hour class on Thursday. In all classes, we will discuss the technique, fiberboard and make color combinations using rod, stringer and Tekta for home use, that yield vessels like the ones in the photos. In the seven hour class, students will additionally make a blank for a vase is to be finished at home. The project color for the blank and vessel will vary. Petra Kaiser will join us for a short discussion about cutting Kaiser Lee fiberboard.  Join me! Seats are limited!