Gail Stouffer, now she is my kind of girl.  Not only is she a fabulous person and teacher, she has great studio chocked full of gadgets, kilns and things I had never of needing.  I took 3 metal classes at Stouffer Studio's in Bulverde, Tx in June 2016.  I signed up for the classes because a friend at work wanted to take them and swore by metal clay. I justified it because I can use glass with metal.  Nobody could have paid me to believe that clay, can be beautifully formed without having to become a metalsmith.

The first class was called Bezel Setting Stones and Vintage China into Sterling Metal Clay.  This was my first experience actually using metal clay of any kind.  My knowledge at that point was one or two YouTube videos that I watched the day before.   The class involved a step by step approach to mixing and conditioning the clay, dehydrating the clay, shaping and sand sanding, firing it in a kiln and then soldering the bezel to the sterling.  Everything was great up to this point.  I dislike open flame immensely but I got through it.  I even burned through the bezel wire!  Gail is a gracious teacher and did not mind the costly mistake.  Sterling is expensive!  The project from that class is below.