Or should I say 3 years?  After about 3 years of working on my technique, I decided it was time to share.  While taking a class from a nationally renowned glass instructor and asked if I could show him my work.  The long story short is that he encouraged me to carry on with it and thought I was on to something.  After that discussion, I saw a thread in a Facebook group about applying to teach at the Las Vegas Expo, so I thought, why not?  I took a leap of faith and was accepted!  Uh oh, what to do now?

I needed to prepare for the Expo and reached out to Betty Turner, the owner of "This Little Light Creative Glass Art and Gallery" in Nashville, TN., to see if I could teach a workshop.  Thankfully, she willingly accepted.  It was a great experience with great students and I learned what I need to know to be successful at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas.  If you are in the Nashville area, stop by and see Betty!

Teaching at the Expo was awesome.  I learned that students fuel growth. I taught two 3 hour workshops, which were lecture demo.  I next taught a one day class where students made a blank to take home and drop.  The last class was a two day class where students took a pre-made blank, prepared it for an aperture drop, set it up in the kiln, removed the rim and finished it to a high polish shine.  I received great reviews from the participants and now I am preparing curricula for 2018 based on their feedback.

Thanks to Betty Turner @ This Little Light Creative Glass Art and Gallery, the Glass Craft and Bead Expo and all of the students for making 2017 a stellar year of personal and professional growth.