In December 2015, I had the awesome opportunity to take Nathan Sandberg's workshop.  In addition to what he taught, he showed some amazing interpretations of his murrini style.  Since I have been exploring my own style, I decided to explore its use with murrini.  The result is below. 

I see a lot of Facebook posts and resentment regarding copying others work, including work of workshop instructors.  Copying is an easy trap to fall into, well, because it's easy.  I encourage you to not take this route.  Please!  Find an aesthetic you like.  Explore unique ways to make that aesthetic yours.  Try combining techniques to be unique.  When you are contemplating taking workshops, find ones that compliment your aesthetic and it to your combined flavor.

There are a myriad of ways to make your work unique.

This was fired in my Jen-Jen Pro Fusion 36 and dropped in my Bonnie Glo.  By weight, there is about 6 ounces of color.  It is 7" wide at the rim and 5 inches tall at the highest point.  The rim was removed using the Dremel technique that can be found in the Tutorials and Video Tutorials tabs above.  I cold worked it using a belt sander, flat lap and diamond hand pads.  The rim was final polished with cerium.  It is murrini done my way.