If there is one artist to which I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude, it is Richard La Londe.  Because of his book, "Richard La Londe and Friends," I discovered a treasure trove of artists

that blazed trails of incompatibility, no off the shelf the colors and too many adverse chemicals to name, to make beautiful kiln formed art glass that will inspire generations to come.  Because of his book, I decided to start collecting.  Most are fused and kiln formed glass. 

About some of the artists:

  • Maurice Heaton did not fuse glass.  He kiln formed a single layer of float glass and enamels, into custom made molds. 
  • My favorite artist Edwin Walter, on the other hand, fused and kiln formed glass.  He was very much the experimentalist.  So much so, that he used the aluminum from an air conditioning filter as an inclusion (Look for the orange black rectangle vessel). 
  • Francis and Michael Higgins also were fusers and kiln formers.  They were not only studio artists but factory production artists for Dearborn Glass Company.  I make a distinction on the photos between their studio work and Dearborn work. 
  • Glen Lukens is better known for his ceramics work.  However he also worked in glass.  His work is kiln formed.
  • Alessandro Moretti was a Maestro Glass Blower from Murano, Italy.  After moving to the US, he became friends with Edwin Walter and they exchanged art work.  The polygon shaped fern vessel was the gift from Edwin Walter to Alessandro Moretti.  Roberto Moretti, also a Maestro, was Alessandro Moretti's brother.

Many may disagree with me on the definitions, but I define fused glass as 2 or more layers joined together in a kiln.  I define kiln formed glass as the bending and coloring of a single layer of sheet glass. 

The images in this gallery are my collection to date.  The artist name can be found in the lower right corner.  Enjoy!